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how to apply stickers

The offer and sale of products on the website "www.vulturbike.com" are governed by these General Terms and Conditions in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 21.2.2014 n. 21 regarding the changes referred to in Chapter I of Title III of Part III of Decree No. 206/2005. The products purchased on "www.vulturbike.com" are provided by Vulturbike Giuseppe Sicuro & C. s.a.s, based in Rionero in Vulture (PZ), Vico III Annunziata, 37, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of power at No. PZ - 148048 of the Register of Companies CF and P.I. : IT01971600760, telephone and fax +390972.724261, email: info@vulturbike.com here in after referred to as "Seller" or "Supplier".


1.1 "Contract of sale on line" means the contract of sale of the Seller relating to the Products entered into between them and the Consumer, hereinafter referred to as Buyer, under an organized distance sales from the same seller through telematics, and governed by these Conditions of Sale.

1.2 "Buyer" means the person who makes the purchase for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession. Any contracts with anyone other than Purchaser shall be governed by Legislative Decree 70/2003 and the rules on the sale, under Articles. 1470 et seq. cc 1.3 "Supplier / Vendor" means the person specified in the inscription.


2.1 The contract of sale online, the supplier sells and the Buyer buys by paying the relevant price of the goods listed and offered for sale on the site www.vulturbike.com, specifically stickers, stickers, fairings for motorcycles and related products and automobiles (hereinafter referred to as the "Products").

2.2. The General Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the offer, transmission and acceptance of purchase orders relating to products on vulturbike.com. The General Conditions of Sale do not apply to the provision of services and / or sale of products by anyone other than the Seller that are present on the site through links, banners or other hypertext links.


3.1 To make a purchase Buyer must select one or more products to add to its shopping cart and submit the order form in an electronic format provided by PayPal, via computer, and follow the instructions, or by other payment methods. Before submitting the order form, the Buyer is required to identify and correct errors in data entry.

3.2 The order form is not contained to the Terms and Conditions of Sale grains, but a reference to the same, a list of products ordered, the relevant unit price (including all applicable fees and taxes), the means of payment that can be used to buy each product and the cost of shipping. Before placing the order, the Buyer is required to read these Terms and Conditions of Sale and the information related being a mandatory step for the perfecting of the order as indicated in art. 9.3.

3.3 The contract of sale on line ended when the seller receives your order form Paypal and payment of products, with its credit on your Paypal account. The contract is deemed not perfected and effective if you do not meet all the conditions set out in the above paragraphs.

3.4 The contract of sale online, the seller takes charge of the purchase order and sends an email confirming receipt of the order. The Seller reserves the right to require additional disclosures to the Buyer for the billing of products. In the absence of the requested information, the Seller shall have the right to refuse the order.

3.5 By transmitting the order form, the Purchaser confirms to know and accept the General Conditions of Sale and additional information on vulturbike.com, also through links, including the Privacy Policy. If Buyer do not agree to the above terms please do not submit your order form and do not buy products on vulturbike.com.

3.6 The order form will be stored by vulturbike.com for the amount of time necessary to complete the transaction. If the Buyer has payed by paypal, he will receive a Paypal printable summary of the purchase order, by assigning a specific number which shall be used in any further communication with the seller.

3.7 The Vendor may not process purchase orders that are incomplete or incorrect, or in the event of unavailability of the Products. In all these cases, the Buyer will be notified by e-mail that the contract is not concluded and why. If the Products listed on vulturbike.com are no longer available, the Seller will communicate via e-mail to Buyer within 15 (fifteen) days from the day following that on which the order was sent. In case of forwarding the order form and payment of the price, the seller will refund the Purchaser as already mentioned, by crediting the amount to the credit card used for the purchase or the Buyer's Paypal account.


4.1 Payment of the product prices and relevant shipping costs will be paid by the Purchaser by credit card, bank transfer or through one of the procedures indicated on the order form provided by PayPal. 4.2 For more information on the use of Paypal, Buyer may visit www.paypal.com.


5.1 The Seller accepts orders for the delivery both on the Italian territory, and throughout the rest of the world. For all products delivered, the seller issues the invoice with the data provided by the Purchaser. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the seller is obliged to deliver the goods at the latest within thirty (30) days from the date of conclusion of the contract.

5.2 The Seller uses for the product delivery, courier express agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Courier"). The Seller assigns the products to the courier within five working days following the acceptance of the order and in any event no later than the next five days, contained in the packaging or in boxes sealed with tape marked by the Seller, or in sealed plastic bags with the logo of the courier used.

5.3 Deliveries are made on working days from Monday to Friday (hereinafter the "Day / The Business / s"). The delivery of the courier at the address of the Purchaser are set within their own website and are to be considered indicative, however, being able to change for reasons of force majeure, bad conditions of roads and traffic, to strike or act of 'Authority.

5.4 Upon delivery of the goods by the Courier, the Customer shall check that: - the number of the boxes are same as reported on the accompanying document of the Courier; - That the packaging is intact, not damaged, wet or altered. Once you have signed the Courier's transportation document, the Purchaser will no longer make any objection on the external conditions of the Products delivered.

5.5 The Buyer shall pay for a contribution towards the cost of delivery (hereinafter referred to as "Contribution of Delivery") in varying amounts depending on the destination of the goods on the Italian territory, EU or outside the EU. The Seller may require a supplement for deliveries to other countries; In this case, the Purchaser may decide to terminate the contract and will be refunded within 5 days of the amount spent. Standard delivery. Delivery is carried out on the street in business days from 08:30 to 18:00. The Courier making a delivery without prior notice. In the absence of the Purchaser the Courier will leave a note in passing (coupon in the mail box or sticker on the bell) and try again the next Business Day delivery. In case of absence, the customer will be contacted by the staff of the Seller to establish further delivery. If the third attempt were to fail, the product is within the warehouse of the Seller, resulting in cancellation of the order and refund the price of the product, by crediting the credit card's account. The average delivery commencing in reliance Courier is a maximum of 4 working days for Italy and variables for deliveries outside Italy. Consultation shipping. Buyer may check the shipping status of the product contacting the seller to the number 0972.724261 or by e-mail info@vulturbike.com.


6.1 The selling prices of products displayed and indicated on the website www.vulturbike.com are inclusive of VAT and any other taxes. Shipping costs and any additional charges, if any, not included in the purchase price, are calculated and shown in the purchase process and is also contained in the summary of the order, which is sent by PayPal Buyer.

6.2 The prices of products are subject to updates and changes. The Purchaser must determine the final price of sale before placing an order.


7.1 The Seller accepts no liability in the event fails to execute the order within the time stipulated in the contract due to force majeure and / or are not attributable to it.

7.2 The Seller shall not be liable to the purchaser of outages or malfunctions related to the use of the Internet, which are beyond its control and in any case not attributable to it in respect of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

7.3 The Seller shall not be liable for any damages, losses and costs incurred by Buyer as a result of failure to perform the contract for reasons not attributable to him by way of willful misconduct or gross negligence. In any case, the Purchaser shall be entitled only to a refund of the price paid and any additional charges incurred.

7.4 The Seller shall not be held liable for any fraudulent or illegal use that may be made by third parties of credit cards and other means of payment used by the Buyer, if he proves that he took all possible precautions in accordance with the best knowledge and experience of the moment and according to due diligence.

7.5 In no event shall Buyer be liable for delays or mistakes in the payment if he proves that he failed to pay the same within the time and manner specified by the Seller.


8.1 All products sold on vulturbike.com are covered by warranty from the seller.


9.1 The Buyer shall pay the price of the product purchased in the time and manner specified in these Conditions of Sale.

9.2 The Buyer shall, on completion of the purchase process online, to handle the press and the preservation of the General Conditions of Sale, as well as the order form and order summary sent by Paypal.

9.3 The information contained in these General Terms and Conditions are, however, already been examined and accepted by the Buyer, who shall act, as this step is required before confirmation of purchase, within the meaning of Sections 3.2 and 3.5.


10.1 The Purchaser, however, the right to terminate the contract without penalty and without specifying the reason within the term of 14 (fourteen) working days of receipt of the goods purchased.

10.2 If the Buyer decides to exercise the right of withdrawal, must notify the Seller by registered mail to at Vulturbike di Giuseppe Sicuro, Vico III Annunziata 85028 Rionero in Vulture (PZ), anticipating the communication by e-mail at: info@vulturbike.com.

10.3 The Buyer will deliver the Product carefully packed, complete with all accessories and everything in the content source with costs of shipment at his own expense.

10.4 The return of the product must take place no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the Seller has notified its decision to withdraw.

10.5 To occur entitled to a refund of the price paid, the goods must be returned intact and in any case, in normal condition. The right of withdrawal is lost if the product is not returned intact, namely: - In the absence of the package - in the absence of elements of the product (accessories, etc) - for damage to the product for reasons other than transportation.

10.6 In case of partial withdrawal for the purchase of multiple products will not be refunded the contribution of delivery may be incurred by the Purchaser.

10.7 The only expenses payable by the Purchaser to exercise the right of withdrawal in accordance with this Article, the cost of returning the goods to the Seller.

10.8 After the return of the Products, Seller shall check on the integrity of the same and to the conditions of the preceding sections. If the tests are successfully concluded, the Seller will send to Buyer via e-mail, confirmation of acceptance of returned products and will cancel the order and issue the related credit note.

10.9 The Seller will refund the entire amount paid by the Purchaser by crediting the credit card used for the purchase or the Buyer's Paypal account or by bank when paying with cash, which will be done in less time possible or, in any case, within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the cancellation notice.

10:10 With the receipt of notice which the Purchaser shall notify the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the parties to this contract are dissolved by mutual obligations, except as provided in paragraphs of this Article.

10:11 The Seller shall not be required to reimburse the additional costs if Buyer has expressly opted for a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of delivery offered by the Seller. 


11.1 Any claims related to the delivery of products and their characteristics at the time of delivery must be reported to the Seller by the number 0972.724261 or by writing an email to info@vulturbike.com. Claims must include a description of their subject matter and the grounds on which they are based.

11.2 Damaged or mismatch of packages: any external damage or the mismatch in the number of packages should be immediately reported to the Courier, adding the words "subject to removal" on the accompanying document to the carrier and must also be reported within 8 days, through the means of communication above.

11.3 Delays Delivery delays will be reported within 6 days of non-receipt with respect to the day of delivery.

11.4 The Purchaser shall give an indication of their residence and domicile, telephone number or email address to which notices are to be sent by the Seller.

12 LAW

12.1 This contract is governed by Italian law. The territorial imperative is the judge of the place of residence or domicile of the Seller.

12.2 The Seller does not make use of the dispute settlement bodies-of-court settlement of the art. 19 of Legislative Decree no. 70/2003; Therefore, any dispute relating to the contract of sale on line will be the responsibility of the Judge Ordinary, except for the presence on the verge of different mandatory law.


13.1 This agreement cancels and supersedes any prior agreements, understandings, negotiations, written or oral, previously intervened between the parties concerning the subject matter of this Agreement.

13.2. Possible causes of disability and / or invalidity of individual clauses will neither affect the validity and / or enforceability of the entire document