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how to apply stickers

Instructions to properly setup stickers with professional features

To perfectly apply the stickers on your motorbike make sure you have the following tools available:

  1. Cutter-scissors
  2. Steamer with water and liquid soap for hands
  3. Plastic spatula
  4. Denatured alcohol
  5. Cleaning paper or cloth lint
  6. Heat gun

Concentration, patience and a co-worker who support you during the application of stickers.

Thorough cleaning of the fairings surface with a paper towel

To wipe soaked in denatured alcohol, degrease the surface thoroughly clean and in particular all the border areas of the surfaces. Make sure that the body has not been protected with wax or sylicon-based polish, if so, carefully clean with denaturated alcohol to degrease surface.

When surface is cleaned, is ready for the application. Before make this make the last test: applied to a dry cleaned surface a piece of tape, then peel it off to realize if the adhesion is good or if there are traces of wax.

Work in a cleaning environment, with temperatures of 18/25 degrees.

Application small stickers

Remove the sticker from its backing gently, making sure to keep him attached to the trasparent plastic wrap, place it on the affected area, press and spatulated it carefully making sure that the stickers has made the socket, give a slightly warming.

After this remove the trasparent plastic wrap. Do not wash immediately after applying the stickers, wait at least 24 hours at a temperature min. of 20 degrees.

Medium and large sizes motorcycles stickers

For larger stickers, as port numbers and side panels, use the soap and water technique. You have to take a steamer, put 1 or 2 doses of liquid hand soap and get a solution to be sprayed on the surface and on the sticky side. Slide the air bubbles with your fingers and where it's possible with a plastic spatula. If the sticker should stick to very pronounced curvature parts, you will need to heat it with the heat gun until you note that the sticker becomes soft and easily adaptable to the curvature of the part. Of course, common sense should guide you always, if you get too hot you will ruin the sticker!!

Most stickers such as large port numbers, and decals for motorcycles, have the characteristics to be equipped with a system for escaping air bubbles, and does not require the use of the soap and water technique. This stickers must be heated before the application; the minimum temperature during application must be between 18/35 degrees, according to the compliance of the workpiece to cover.

Once applied, the stickers must be heated with a temperature of 80/90 degrees, for this we suggest to get a laser thermometer.

Bents stickers are not necessary break/ruined stickers! The vinyl we use is designed for professional applications, after treatment with the heat gun back in place even if we we jump on it!

Application and finishing with transparent paint

Before application of the transparent wait 36-48 hours after application of the stickers because the water present under the adhesives after this time has completely evaporated. (The waiting time is reduced to 24 hours when applied to dry).

To have an excellent outcome we recommend applying the graphics on a 36 - 48 hours painting transparent surface and made opaque with fine sandpaper. The application of the trasparent paint is not recommended on the 3D carbon effect stickers if you really want do it, test before to evaluate the final result.

The information has been created to simplify the task of application, but we are not responsible for works not completed correctly, also recommend that you contact a qualified wrapping decorator.

Cleaning of motorcycle stickers

To increase the durability of the graphics recommend the finish with transparent varnish, in any case if you want to avoid this type of protection, for cleaning it is essential to use only and exclusively detergents for fairings wax-based not abrasive, so as to remove dirt without any risk of scratching or affecting the color. To be avoided cleaning with products containing solvents or other chemicals.

If you need further information or advice on the choice and application of stickers on your motorcycle model, you can write to us through the appropriate contact form. We will be happy to answer you and help you in the choice and subsequent assembly of the decals.