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Check that no piece is missing, comparing the stickers received with the scheme also present on the site.

After verifying that nothing is missing, it is possible to proceed with the separation of the graphics. The sheet is supplied in its entirety and we make sure that all pieces have been printed. The customer is asked to take a picture of the whole sheet just received and, possibly, submit the complaint BEFORE having cropped it!

We will not be held responsible for any errors and will not be accepted complaints with the sheet already divided by the customer.

Our graphics are conceived and "drawn" directly on the fairings of the bike, so that the lines respect the shapes and cu rve of the model in question. The adhesive films used are of high quality: durable over time, resistant to detergents and atmospheric agents.

Most of our decals have a ducted system that allows the escape of any air bubbles. This allows a perfect dry application, without having to resort to the technique with soap and water. 

You can distinguish the decals applicable dry by looking closely at the sticky part. You will immediately notice, in fact, the microchannels in the form of streaks or honeycomb. On those applicable with water, however, the sticky part will be smooth.

Some of our films might seem not very sticky but that's just the impression! In reality they are specially designed with a low initial tact i.e. a low adhesion at the time of the first application. This makes positioning much easier! In fact, you can stick and detach the adhesive several times on the surface before fixing, until you find the ideal position. Once found, the adhesive will be pressed and heated to the right point, finally left to rest until the glue has made an optimal grip. It can take up to 48 hours to obtain it.

Folded stickers are NOT ruined stickers! The vinyl we use is a PVC designed for professional applications and, even if stressed or wrinkled. After treatment with the heat gun it will return to its original form. So if you see a sticker with creases, don't worry! Warming it up with the right tools will return as before.

You can consult our youtube channel VULTURBIKE to watch our tutorial videos that will help you in the application.


To apply the stickers perfectly on the bike make sure you have the following tools available: cutter, plastic spatula, ethyl alcohol, paper or cleaning cloth, heat gun. In addition to concentration, patience and a collaborator to help you.

A thorough cleaning of the surface on which to apply the adhesive is essential. The ideal is to degrease and clean thoroughly with a paper cloth soaked in ethyl alcohol. If the bike has been washed, protected with wax, nanotec or WD-40, degrease it even deeper! When you are convinced that the surface is clean and ready for application, do this last test: apply a piece of adhesive tape to realize if the adhesion is good or if there are still traces of wax.

Work in clean and draft-free environments with temperatures of at least 18/25 degrees. Avoid damp and/or dusty places!

For large kits it is often advisable to disassemble the fairings first, in order to apply the films by wrapping the edges of the piece also inside. In this way you will get a more complete and uniform coverage.

For dry application it is necessary to gently detach the adhesive from the support, having the foresight to make it remain attached to the transparent film, place it on the affected area, press and spatulate carefully making sure that the adhesive has taken hold, finally give a slight heat. After performing these operations you can remove the transparent film (application tape). Do not wash or polish the bike immediately after applying the stickers! Wait at least 24 to 48 hours, possibly at a minimum temperature of 20 degrees.

For "smooth" stickers you can use the soap and water technique. You will need to take a vaporizer, pour 1 or 2 doses of liquid hand soap and obtain a solution to spray on the surface and on the sticky side of the adhesive so that you can slide it and slide away the air bubbles with your fingers or where possible with the spatula. If the adhesive sticks to very pronounced curvatures, you will have to heat it with the heat gun until you notice that the vinyl of which the adhesive is composed becomes soft and easily adaptable to the curvatures of the hull.

Obviously common sense must always drive, if heated too much the adhesive will be ruined! The multicolored kits are almost always already laminated so you do not need the finish with transparent varnish but if you want you can do it anyway to make them even brighter and more protected.

Before applying the transparent valve wait 36/48 hours from the application of the adhesive so that the water present between the fairing of the bike and the adhesive is completely evaporated (the wait is reduced to 24 hours if applied dry).

To get an excellent result we advise you to apply the graphics on a surface with transparent varnish already applied (obviously dry for at least 36/48 hours) and then spread and made opaque. The application of the transparent is not recommended on 3D carbon effect decals. To make decals last longer, it is advisable to avoid cleaning with products based on corrosive solvents or other chemicals.

ATTENTION! This information has been created to facilitate your application but we are not responsible for work that is not carried out correctly. We always recommend contacting qualified personnel such as coachbuilders or decorators who are aware of wrapping techniques.