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Original Ducati Supersport 950 carbon fairings

Ducati Carbon Fairings Supersport 950

Original carbon fairings and accessories for ducati models Supersport 950. Vulturbike gives you the possibility to customize the hull or carbon accessory with a glossy and matte finish made with special paints.

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Painted carbon saddle cover... Painted carbon saddle cover - Ducati Supersport 939 / 950
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Painted carbon saddle cover - Ducati Supersport 939 / 950

<p>Our high-quality carbon fiber accessories are made through the exclusive high pressure vacuum autoclave polymerization process, also used in aeronautics. All Vulturbike components are specially created to allow the replacement of the original parts of the hull, managing to improve the aesthetics of the bike without having to make any changes. Thanks to the lightness and strength of carbon, it is possible to combine beauty with practicality. Material - carbon (200g./plain weave -Ducati Performance style).</p>
Price €349.00