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Honda 2022: All about the new models of the Japanese company

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honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade

Honda welcomes 2022 with many new features regarding its bikes. Some innovations are of a technical nature, while others concern the colors. A series of updates to make the list of motorcycles more current, of which the various models will be presented below.


The list of Honda news for 2022 starts with a new model, namely the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade. It is a super sports car that, thanks to Honda's considerable experience in competitions, is the fastest and most powerful super sports car ever among those of the Japanese company. This model has an in-line four-cylinder engine, with upgrades that improve cornering acceleration and rear tire traction by increasing overall speed.

The frame and fins, which derive directly from MotoGP, ensure maximum handling and aerodynamic qualities, while the advanced electronic package and the high-performance braking system allow the rider to have total control of the bike in every aspect. Those who decide to buy this bike, know well that its natural habitat is the track.

Going into more detail regarding its technical characteristics, the 217.5 horsepower in-line four-cylinder engine at 14,500 rpm has a compact short-stroke configuration with bore, stroke and anti-friction technologies of the RC213V-S, equipped with mixed chain-gear distribution with finger rockers, titanium connecting rods and forged aluminum pistons.

The new 43-tooth crown and the optimization of the airbox, air intakes and exhaust increase the thrust at medium-low revs, ensuring better acceleration and greater speed, especially when exiting corners. Finally, the updated Quickshifter offers even faster and more performing shifts.


The roundup continues with a more "citizen" motorcycle, namely the NT1100. It is an agile and manageable model, which allows you to move at its best in the traffic of the city thanks to its sleek line and long-excursion suspension. It is also a fantastic Tourer, thanks to its powerful twin-cylinder engine, extensive cutting-edge technology as standard and comfortable design for long journeys, even in two. In addition, you can choose the option of manual transmission or the 6-speed DCT sequential gearbox.

The saddle height of 820 mm is also comfortable for the passenger and allows you to assume a relaxed but always focused riding position. And the standard equipment is first in class: in addition to the side cases, the NT1100 is equipped with a 20-liter tank that offers a range of about 400 km (WMTC medium cycle), heated knobs, Cruise Control, USB and ACC sockets and rear luggage rack, while the central stand facilitates the maintenance of the bike and the disassembly of the rear wheel.


The new Honda price list not only offers interesting solutions for lovers of the track, travel on two wheels or those who decide to reach the workplace by motorbike. In fact, there are also enthusiasts who want to go further, testing more inaccessible surfaces with their own vehicle while still having maximum performance.

The CRF1100L AFRICA TWIN perfectly matches these characteristics: maximum performance and lower weight, thanks to the smaller tank and the lighter and sharper body. The twin-cylinder 8-valve single-shaft engine releases 102 hp of power, with a maximum torque of 105 Nm. In addition, thanks to the electronic control unit (ECU) and the 46 mm throttle body, the gas response is always ready and precise, discharging all the available power to the ground. Mud, gravel, impeccable asphalt: there is no ground that holds to put this bike in difficulty.

CMX500 and CMX1100 REBELS

Two other models that deserve a mention are the CMX1100 and the CMX500, both belonging to the Rebel family. Motorcycle with a rebellious look and excellent qualities in terms of handling and agility, qualities for which the "big sister CMX1100" stands out the most.

Its parallel twin-cylinder engine, brilliant and full of torque, is equipped with Throttle By Wire gas control and 4 Riding Mode, HSTC traction control (Honda Selectable Torque Control) and Anti Wheelie. Available only with DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission, it is equipped with cruise control as standard.

The suspension is of a high standard: the 43 mm cartridge fork and the piggyback rear shock absorbers ensure optimal absorption of roughness and excellent braking stability, thanks also to the four-piston radial front brake caliper. Speaking more specifically of the CMX500 Rebel, it offers maximum freedom to all motorcyclists and complies with the A2 license.

The powerful liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine is inserted in the lowered frame and, thanks to the updates to the suspension, the optical groups and the instrumentation, has an even more attractive look and lends itself to any type of customization.


Another honda flagship model is the CB650R. This bike has a compact and muscular look, which blends with the irresistible retro minimalism of its lines. With great new features regarding the standard look and equipment, the CB650R combines the performance characteristics of a streetfighter with the unmistakable style of a café racer, giving you an unforgettable driving experience.

Going into more detail, this bike sports an agile but powerful line, so as to satisfy those who lean towards an urban style. The ultra-compact and powerful appearance of the bike recalls the retro minimalism of the CB1000R Neo Sports Café. It perfectly mixes round lines and angular profiles, both perfectly harmonized by the distinctive LED headlight.

The DOHC 4-cylinder in-line 16-valve engine of the CB650R was born to be whipped. The short ratio of the gearbox and the power available over the entire delivery range gives exciting accelerations, accompanied by the scratchy and evocative sound of the exhaust. The anti-slip assisted clutch facilitates shifting and climbing, while the HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) traction control keeps the grip of the rear wheel under control. A masterpiece of engineering, just waiting to be put to the test.

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