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Complete Fairings set Ducati Performance Replica S Corse - Panigale Restyling V4 / V4S 2018/19

Customized fairings and carbon accessories that provide the finish of your choice are put into processing after confirmation of the order. Estimated delivery varies from 8 to 30 business days, depending on the orders in the queue at that time.

Reference: CARV4CRS18

Bike model:

Improve the aesthetics of your Ducati Panigale V4-V4S 2018/2019 thanks to our special restyling package, composed exclusively of ORIGINAL Ducati fairings, including frame brackets and plexiglass fairing! You can show off on your bike the brand new S Corse design, replicated on the new model 2020 hull (with side vents) for you from us of Vulturbike with the usual precision and accuracy.

We remind you that the aerodynamic wings must
be purchased separately!You can see them among the related products!

K.A. The choice of motorcycle's model that you see here serves to customize the writing that will have to appear on the fairing: V4 or V4S.

The Restyling Package for the V4 base and V4S 2018/19 models includes: Upper right and left fairings, Windscreen, increased plexiglass, sound-absorbing panels, frame brackets with special screws, lower fairings, battery cover, tank cover, single-seater tail.


Ducati Panigale V4 - V4S 2018 / 2019
Complete fairing
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