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Instructions to properly setup stickers 

Concentration and patience, a co-worker who support you in the development and verification during the application of the stickers.
In this section you can find topics for the right application of stickers. It's essential to adopt, first, the tools need to avoid any kind of damage to the stickers. In the sections vinyl application and wheel kit is explained in detail how to apply properly the vulturbike stickers. Before applying any stickers is essential cleaning the interested parts with with denatured alcohol-based products sylicon free and trying to stick a piece of tape to test the adherence. All the application's operations must be carried out in a 20 degrees temperature environment without air exess. In case of lower temperatures it is advisable to have a coachbuilder's phon to allow adequate adhesion of the stickers to the affected part.
For further assistance, vulturbike is available to provide helpful tips on the correct application of the purchased items.



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