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Q. Is it possible to ask customized stickers out of the stardard products?

A. Yes you need a prototype to send us by mail.


Q. Do you send outside of Italy country?

A. Yes, of course. We have request outside the Italian Country and we delivery all over the world.


Q. If I would order a product not in the list shown on the website, is it possible to do it?

A. Yes, it is possible, you have to compile the form in the section contact us.


Q. Do you accept a bank transfer as payment method?

A. Yes we do. But the payment have to do before the shipment.


Q. How much are the shipping costs?

A. The shipping costs depends by the destination, quantity and weight of the goods.


Q. If one ordered product is out of quality standards is it possible the refund?

A. In case of quality out of standards we refund the cost less the shipping costs.


Q. Did you work on any motorcycle parts of your customers?

A. Yes, we can work on any motorcycle part of our customers but the shipping costs have to be paid by the owner.


Q. Are there technical instructions about how the product have to be put up?

A. Yes, the section "instructions" of this website tells you how you can put up some products. Remember that not all the products have a tecnical card.



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